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Poison The Well Bio

Poison The Well
Band members
Jeffery Moreira • vocals
Chris A Hornbrook • drums
Mike Gordilla • bass
Derek Miller • guitar
Ryan Primack • guitar


Poison The Well is a 5 piece band located in South Florida. In the grand scheme of things, our goal is to play music that makes us and the listener feel good. It just so happens that what we have been writing sounds as such; heavy, energetic, aggressive music mixed with tons of melody. Here is how it all started…

Original singer Aryeh Lehrer and original guitarist Ryan Primack started the band under the name of An Acre Lost. It was the same as any other band and still pretty much is; a group of young kids getting together to have fun and play music. Fortunately, some of the songs written were pretty cool (well, we thought so then…) and our friend Gabe at Ohev Records offered to put us out. That became our first release, a 12" split with Promise No Tomorrow on Ohev Records. It sounded like ass, had some questionable musicianship, and we loved every bit of it.

We re-recorded 4 of those songs, plus a new one, Grain of Salt, for our second release; a 5 song CD EP on Good Life Recordings. Unfortunately there have been some problems since then and we are re-releasing the EP on Undecided Records with a new layout and 3 "bonus" live tracks, regardless both are or will be floating around out there somewhere. From there, we started touring. While the first few tours did not prove to be successful in any way, shape, or form, we had the time of our lives and were dying to play even more. In the winter of 1998 we recorded "The Opposite of December" at Studio 13 with Jeremy Staska (the man, the myth, the legend). In ten days it was finished and in even less time was slated for release on Trustkill Records (woohoo!). We immediately backed up its release with a winter tour, only by this time shows were getting better…we were astounded. Don't hear us incorrectly, the shows went from 15 kids to maybe 50 kids, but even that was enough to surprise us. "The Opposite of December" shows our direction with the new line-up.

That brings us up to today, December 11, 2000. In the past year we have done a total of about three months worth of touring, and for 2001 we have even more planned including trips to Asia and Europe as well as at least a few months solid in the US. Our new full length will be released on August 1st. What to expect from the new stuff? We like to think that the new material is much more mature and in general, a thousand times better. We can't really describe it because until we are holding the final mastered copy in our hands we won't even know ourselves. Either way, the future is something we look forward to more everyday.

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