heavy metal


Band members
Brian Wolff "Evil" J. McGuire Otep Shamaya Aaron Nordstrom

Nu Metal

"Dark, dangerous, uncompromising, intelligent, mysterious, poetic, out of control, intense, frightening, original, offensive, insane, combative, courageous, creative, hardcore, messianic, unbelievable, sick!, angry, passionate, immediate, essential, brutal, ancient, wise, free."

All these things have either been said, written, screamed, or sacrificially bled when referencing the creative collective calling itself OTEP. True masters in the forbidden arts of Mental Alchemy, the 5 piece will destroy your senses, they will expand your consciousness, and in return, make you a true believer. "Our rituals are reminiscent of the ancient Bacchae ... forcing ourselves into creative frenzy, pushing past the worlds of the known - trance-forming - ever evolving - wild - alive - challenging everything - staring into the void - unafraid - seeking answers - Destroying to Create - violent and beautiful ... " Please come equipped to shed your skin & burn in the pit.

... salvation is coming ...

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