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Two Hit Creeper Bio

Two Hit Creeper
Band members
Michael - vocals/accordion
Jimbo - 7 string guitar
Al-dog - bass
Dino - drums


TWO HIT CREEPER, originally a two man outfit consisting of Michael (vocals and accordion) and James (7 string guitar) have created a sound that has been described as "sick, unnerving ,creepy"; not to mention "loud." Hailing from Phillie these two madmen trekked across country to infuse and infect the West Coast with their ultra twisted brand of music. The city in which they would settle and record their self-released EP "THE STEPCHILDREN'S TWISTED CIRCUS MUSIC" - which they touted at all the local watering holes around LA - was Long Beach, CA.

Whilst crowds were at first unsure of how to react to a two man show, they were quickly sucked in by the dark, eerie "inhuman lung" sounds of Michael's accordion, accompanied by his ear-splitting vocals and James' "ultra brutal" range defying guitar tones. Before long, as just a two-man band, 2HC had gained a solid fan base consisting of those kids craving all that is sick, hard and heavy in the world of music.

Because of this local fan base and 2HC's unmatched work ethic, the music press began to take notice. With that recognition and an ever growing fan base, 2HC had begun to amass an army of street team members in over 20 states only too willing to spread the word to all corners of the country.

After a year or so of hitting the pavement with constant local shows and street team promotion, TWO HIT with the help of some A&R people decided it was time to become four and search for a live rhythm section. Bassist Alan Mendoza caught their eye at many local shows they had played with good friends Droid and with the turning tide of events he soon joined the TWO HIT camp as their third permanent member. Al-Dog, having trained with KORN idol MUNKY, as well and spending four years in Droid, brought his killer sense of timing and untouched bass tone to the fold creating a perfect fit. The fans approved.

Finding a drummer proved to be a little more difficult and the band launched a worldwide search on the web to find the man with the chops to keep up, and the thought process twisted enough for him to fit in. Answering that description was ex-MURDER IN EXILE drummer DINO GUERRERO, a veteran of the LA music scene with a reputation for beating the shit out of his drums. Dino's psychotic skin-bashing fleshed out the band's sound and presence perfectly to seal the deal and complete the fold.

With their new rhythm section solidified the band locked themselves into a rehearsal studio only to recently emerge ready to kill. The label interest has already begun and their recent couple of warm-up shows has assured their fans that the new members only add to the sound that earned their respect. TWO HIT CREEPER are sicker, scarier and louder than ever. They are now ready not just to infect, but take over the scene. Take my word for it, they are going to do just that.

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