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Type O Negative Bio

Type O Negative
Band members
Peter Steele - vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
Kenny Hickey - guitar, vocals
Josh Silver - keyboards, vocals, sampling
Johnny Kelly - drums, vocals, programming


New York's gothic-metal gurus Type O Negative formed in 1989 in Brooklyn fronted by ex-Carnivore vocalist Peter Steele. With an already established reputation for a brash speed-metal sound and offensive lyrics, Steele continued this tradition with his new band (guitarist Ken Hickey, keyboardist Josh Silver and drummer Johnny Kelly). Combining elements of goth, metal, industrial, psychedelia and alternative, Steele's songcraft supplies Type O Negative with a larger-than-life sound. The rumbling bass lines, thrashing guitar riffs and massive vocalization (paired by the equally massive stature of Steele) make this band nearly frightening in its magnitude.

The band debuted on the Roadrunner label in 1991 with Slow, Deep and Hard, an album accented by church organs, random mechanical audibles and theatrical vocals. The follow-up, 1992's Origin of the Feces was a collection of previously released tracks, featuring the vampire-like vocals of Steele.

The more melodic, emotional Bloody Kisses released in 1993 shows Steele abandoning the humorous lyrics and making some attempt to convey feeling. This album hit 200 on the Billboard charts well over a year after its premiere. The pop-goth October Rust appeared in 1996 and was followed by 1997's I Know What You Did on Columbia Records.

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