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Unholy Bio

Band members
Danny Johnson - Vocals Jonathan Dennison - guitar Steve Caiello - guitar Rick Argiro - bass Joe Murphy - drums


Unholy is the pounding yet clever metallic endeavour that has emerged from these ruins battle-torn, as its members have figured heavily in the metal and hardcore scenes from the 90s until now. Their sound is directly influenced by thrash metal greats such as Carcass, Entombed, Slayer, Testament, The Haunted, and Metallica, and interspersed with rock touches reminiscent of Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, and Down. Unlike the lengthy songs written by these legendary bands though, Unholys varied and generally short song lengths suggest an urgency more often seen among old-school hardcore or grindcore bands, resulting in punchy yet involved songs that are memorable far past the EPs closing......... Following up the buzz generated by their self-released 2005 demo, Unholy now deliver their first proper release, Awaken The Sleep, on Closed Casket Activities. About making this their first label home, guitarist Jonathan Dennison reflects on the process: I had recently met Justin of Closed Casket Activities, and he came off as a really cool guy with great heart for his label. Hes a great fan of the band and Id rather do it with someone whos really into putting it out than a label where wed just be another name on their roster. Germanys Silentstagnation Records stepped up to the plate on European territory, creating exclusive art for Awaken The Sleep and assuring the EP receive ample distribution overseas. Recorded with acclaimed local producer Doug White (Earth Crisis, Buried Alive, Despair), Awaken The Sleep is the kind of debut that pushes all the right buttons, while still being blatantly nonconformist to the currently popular metalcore sound making money for the bigger labels...... Vocalist Danny Johnson, whose agonizing screams immediately bring to mind Neurosis unmistakable Scott Kelly, fronted epic metal powerhouse Godbelow, dissonant metal unit The Last Season, and in the years prior, Blood Runs Black. Godbelows original drummer, Joe Murphy, now calls Unholy his home, bringing notoriety of being one of the hardest hitters in the region and also one who can pull out a mean groove. The Last Seasons main man Steve Caiello now brings added potential to Unholys songwriting core, performing all solos and most of the stinging leads. Unholys only newcomer to the underground scene, bassist Rick Argiro, lays down creative bass lines that imply years spent honing his skills...... All music is written by Jonathan Dennison, the one guitarist and songwriter probably most responsible for keeping Syracuses name on the map long after the regions well of worthy bands dried up. Bands in which he previously exercised his creative potential were hardcore powerhouses Another Victim, The Promise, and ongoing side project The Path of Resistance, as well as old-school hardcore act When Tigers Fight, and Unholys musical and conceptual predecessor, the short-lived Santa Sangre. With regards to his latest and full-time venture, Dennison says: Musically to date, the Unholy full-length will be my proudest, and most personal, achievement yet....... As an avid and meticulous reader of dark fiction writers H.P. Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti, and Edgar Allan Poe, as well as loyalist to controversial filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dennison works closely with vocalist Danny Johnson to create Unholys lyrical and conceptual landscapes within songs that serve to portray the decay in human existence and coming end of mankind. And in doing so, Unholy steer clear of the popular thrust to pen songs about heartbreak, backstabbing, or even unchecked anger, a trend that has severely dumbed-down the metal and hardcore scenes in recent years. Instead they venture ahead, planting their threatening, ugly footprints at the doorstep of the heavy music scene.

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