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Truth Corroded
Band members
Mark Lennard - Guitars Damon Shaw - Bass Jason North - Vocals Corey Grieve - Guitars Sven Hentschel - Drums


Truth Corrodeds new album Our Enemy is the Weapon is urgent music with an urgent message. Recorded in Adelaide, South Australia, at John Reynolds Studios and Mastered at West West Side Studio in New Jersey, USA by Alan Douches (Shadows Fall, Sepultura, Unearth, Converge, Hatebreed & others), Our Enemy is the Weapon consolidates the bands new line-up and brutal new sound and delivers Truth Corrodeds heaviest, most confronting recording to date.

Our Enemy is the Weapon is an album with a message a message for survival. On a political level the message concerns nuclear disarmament and confronts the nuclear weapon powers raising the issue of how can those who possess weapons of terror fight a War on Terror? How can those whose actions force an arms race can declare the right to force to Disarm? To define the message, the album contains the quotes from the book The new Nuclear Danger G.W. Bushs military industrial complex that communicate the concept behind the album title Our Enemy is the Weapon. On a personal, band level, the album title and message is about surviving challenges line-up changes, the tragic suicide of a former band member and the difficulty of continuing the band when faced with such odds. For Truth Corroded surviving the challenges has strengthened the band and led to a new band, with a new sound, a new album and a band with a determination to take its music and message as far as possible.

Completely self-financed (on a modest budget with funds raised from performing and working day jobs), Truth Corroded recorded, mastered and manufactured the new album, set up its own label (with distribution through Sydney label M.G.M and produced its own range of merchandise. The bands label, Truth Incorporated Records, will aim to expand and develop in Australia and overseas, looking to release music from Australia and abroad and have recently established a distribution agreement for Asia with Singapore based label Morning Sound.

Our Enemy is the Weapon is Truth Corrodeds most brutal and confronting recording to date. Drawing inspiration from late eighties / early nineties thrash and death metal and the rise of bands such as Chimaira, Lamb Of God and The Haunted, Truth Corrodeds new line-up set out to record a raw, shredding thrash album in the tradition of early Slayer and Arise/Chaos AD era Sepultura. From the frenetic thrash of Kill of Lies and The Cull to the driving dark low end of A Sky Laden with Flies, Truth Corrodeds new album is performed with urgency and conviction and delivers a confronting and urgent message.

Since the inception of the new line-up (April 2003), the band has supported Sepultura, Chimaira and In Flames, building on previous supports alongside Strapping Young Lad, Vision of Disorder and Sick of it All. With positive reviews from webzines, street press and the bands following for the new album and the performance of the bands new line-up, Truth Corroded are now looking to expand the bands reach and tour overseas before returning to the studio to record the follow up to Our Enemy is the Weapon.

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