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Glossectomy Bio

Band members
Vocal-EIZO Guitar-Keisuke Okada Bass&Vocals-Hiromasa Miyoshi Drums-Takiya Terada


GLOSSECTOMY is Japanese brutal death metal band.

Formed in December 2001. Vocal-EIZO,Guitar-Keisuke,Bass&Vocal-Hiro,Drums-Takiya. Also, each member is in other band.
EIZO & Hiro are in Japanese siccccccckest brutality VISCERA INFEST.
Keisuke & Takiya in technical death metal band VAGOTOMY.
Also, Takiya is support drummer of MELT-BANANA!!

In December 2001, We made test recorded song - "Meningorrhagia" and released this MP3 formated on WEB. Fortunately, we got good fame from many listeners!

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