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Band members
Shadow (Kohei Yamamoto) - All Instruments


GHOUL was born in the noisy evening of the summer 2000.
The only member Shadow began this one-man Black Metal project, and he kept on writing songs in that year.
In infernal spring of 2001, the 1st demo entitled "Past Sin - Sufferings in the Seventh Hell" was released by GHOUL itself. The sound was terrible, but his technique was much more terrible. At the same time, that sound was admired by very very small part of UG metalheads.
After release of the demo, Shadow began to make the songs for GHOUL next demo tape, but due to his personal reason, he almost stop his activity.
In 2003, Shadow had come back to the scene and the 2nd demo "Heaven Lust" was released in August. The sounds and songs themselves are more dark and noisy than 1st demo. More simple but more impressive. This tape keeps selling even now.
GHOUL appered on a gig "Calamitous Day" on May 21st, 2004. That gig was composed by another Japanese one-man Black Metal project called ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN. That is the very first, at the same time last gig of GHOUL.. Live demo tape called "Friday Blessing Show" was released as the memorial release of that gig (Limited to 66 copies).


Kohei Yamamoto
2-4-8 Miyakojima-Hondori /
Miyakojima - Ku, Osaka City/
OSAKA, 634-0021, JAPAN

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