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Band members
Toshihiro Takeuchi - vocals Kazuo Amaya - guitars Kouichi Kawakami - guitars Hiroki Motono - bass Takeshi Hattori - drums


It is GENOCIDE that dominated '80's Japanese heavy metal scene as "Japanese big three occult heavy metal bands" with SABBRABELLS and CROWLEY.

Their history goes back to 1979. In those days, TAKEUCHI (vo) and AMAYA (g) which were members of a local hard rock band SHOCK left the band because they wanted to play harder and heavier music than SHOCK. And they formed new band named GENOCIDE. They started a rehearsal at studio, but the member of a band was changeable in the early days. In 1980, KAWASAKI (b) and NISHIMOTO (dr) joined the band and several original songs as GENOCIDE were composed. They started live activities around their own territory in the end of 1981, and their twin lead guitar style were established when MATSUI (g) joined in 1982. The sound was born under the influence of BLACK SABBATH, FLOWER TRAVELIN' BAND (Japan), and of course the bands of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement in those days in UK which in particular was satanic heavy metal bands like VENOM, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and so on. Moreover it was important that TAKEUCHI let it mix an element of the horror/slasher movies.

When it was Autumn in 1983, MATSUI (g) left the band and KAWAKAMI (g) joined. Then they recorded within only two days and released demonstration tape including 3 songs as "GENOCIDE +001." They started promotion activities with it really simultaneously toward overseas. That "GENOCIDE +001" demo tape was introduced in several heavy metal magazines of Italy and other country, and they recieved the contract offers from some labels and they selected and tied up with KING KLASSIC RECORDS from USA. In 1986, they started recording of 1st full-length album "BLACK SANCTUARY" and played 8 songs. After the recording, KAWASAKI (b) left tha band, and MOTONO (b) joined that he was a member of heavy metal band HELLBOUND. In addition, they started a full-scale Japan tour from this year, so let an enthusiast of each place bewitched by their sound and performance.

In 1987, though they were irritated by the postponement of releasing their 1st album because of label's problem, they recorded new 4 songs for the next album, but this master tape had been lost later on. They added 3 live recording tracks and 1 unreleased studio track to "GENOCIDE +001" and re-released as limited edition by a zealous demand of their fans. 1988 begins, and their 1st album "BLACK SANCTUARY" was finally released with a 3 format of CD, LP and cassette. It contained "Gibakurai" as a bonus track on CD and a cassette. They started a promotion tour of 1st album "BLACK SANCTUARY" in 1989, but they broken up in next 1990 after their live performance at Tokyo. It was causeed a stalling of Japanese heavy metal scene than ever and a fall of motivation of members of GENOCIDE.

The members kept playing music individually afterwards, also had an idea that they still did it as GENOCIDE including a release of 2nd album, going in has begun to be by degrees conscious of GENOCIDE reunion in the latter half in '90's. They passed through joining of HATTORI (dr) and, on live performance at Osaka of August, in 1999, became the official activity as GENOCIDE resumption afterwards. They did live performance in way of about 10 years after Tokyo of October, in 2000, and revival of daemonic twin lead guitar is the time if a thing of delight is new in memory with an enthusiast of most. In 2001, "Castle" that was buried among the history of GENOCIDE as a famous tune of a illusion revived as "Red Castle -poison doll-" with new arrangement by current members, and they offered it to a sampler CD of Japanese heavy metal fanzine "KABBALA." In addition, They participate on the second day of heavy metal/loud music event "HEAVY LINK 2days" in August of 2001, even this became that they got a lot of new fans. And now, 2002, GENOCIDE push forward preparations to recording of a long-awaited 2nd album steadily. It will be out for ladies and gentlemen in the near future.

5 members of current GENOCIDE are formed below; TOSHIHIRO TAKEUCHI on vocal, KAZUO AMAYA on guitar, KOUICHI KAWAKAMI on guitar, HIROKI MOTONO on bass guitar and TAKESHI HATTORI on drums.

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