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Morbifik Bio

Band members
Boy Darmawan - Guitars Agung Cee - Drums Sopyan - Vocals


MORBIFIK, The name that yea should be fuckin' called it !!! In the beginning of 1996 MORBIFIK was spawned on this hellfuckin' horrendously planet as a muthafukka creation of Guitarist "Boy Darmawan" and Drummer "Agung Cee" whom both of them had already met in ALUZZA which the name lately become one of the Small Underground Label releasing only MORBIFIK's Shits. Shortly, They met Bassist "Pigar" formerly of "PENTAFIXION" and Vocalist "Sopyan" formerly of "INJECTOR" to reform the band in first era and takin' some fuckin' rehearsal then. In this first emerged, the band has been influenced by the old school death metal bands and during this period the line up changes took place Vocalist "Sopyan" decided to quick from the band and lead back his own band named "INJECTOR", but the addition of "Sadik" formerly of "NO.ID" has relocated with the band replacing "Sopyan". The Line Up completely come up in the middle of 1996 as Boy Darmawan (Guitars), Agung Cee (Drums), Pigar (Bass), and Sadik (Vocals). With this aggressive deformation tyrant, Influenced by the 90's Death Metal Bands .

MORBIFIK had been made a promotional tape consisted 2 songs in order to get more acquainted with Underground Scene. Sad but true, The Result was succeeded and many people said that was a great promo-tape at a moment even though recorded with Rehearsal Tracks. Then as the years wildly progressed, so did the paranoidhyperdeadlybastard band in Nov - Dec 1997 The first a long Hell-Awaited Mini Album/MCEP of MORBIFIK has brutally come to blow… at lust, unleashed in end of 1997 and marketed on 1998 by "ALUZZA PRODUCTION". The damned Shit which had shortly 7 killing songs of Death fuckin' Grinding Assault was entitled "Now, I'm Bleed". For this mini album of MORBIFIK "paranoidhyperdeadlybastard" so far has been sold out in as a limited edition for 500 Copies (but, by the time Yea read this biofuckin'tuary, Re-Copied edition's heavily available again !!!) and have spread NOT only in yer finest Local Underground Stores, Distributions and Labels but also through Overseas/Foreign Underground Labels. The band have also made a Give Away Tapes for "Now, I'm Bleed" over 200 copies to the Underground Presses like 'Mags/'Zines, Newsletters, and Radio Stations included Local but mostly Overseas/Foreigns Underground Presses. So, You would probably see and hear their first grinding onslaught on Foreign Underground Labels whom have godly interested for their opus such as in Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Czech Rep., France, Slovakia, Poland, USA, Russia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Holland, Canada, etc.-

Speakin' 'bout Lyrics, The band decided to write 'bout Social Political Themes, An Anti Army and Government Attitude with Revengeful Hatred Provocation towards the Rules, Criminal Violence things, and sometimes a Gore ly-reeks but depend on situation they faced. Mostly, They wrote entirely 'bout an Anti Army/Soldiers and Government Attitude here or things like that which describe or show 'bout their disagreements !!! The song titles for their 1st muthafukka grinding bastard tape, Yea will hear such as "KILLING FIELDS", "JACK THE RIP OFF". "NOW, I'M BLEED", and "FULL CRIME SEASONS" really badly deserved a Deadly Attention for the only mutant ones whom have called themselves as "BRUTAL FREAKS" in Underground Scene !!!

The New Grisly Information of MORBIFIK "paranoidhyperdeadlybastard" has just come to blow the Underground Scene away again on the Age of Devastation 1999 !!! MORBIFIK had just entered Studio located in Jogjakarta to record their 12 songs for their new MORBIFIK's debut full length album on April 12 - 14, 1999. Their 2nd Unearthly Nuclear Assault has been entitled "Gradually Killed In Torture" and has just released and marketed in Underground Scene Now on July 10, 1999 - Unleashed still on ALUZZA PRODUCTION !!! But on this Godly Recording,The Malevolent Creator of MORBIFIK "Boy Darmawan" (Guitars) had decided not to play anymore with "Sadik" (Vocals) in the band and hopefully he will get a success in his new band. He also had decided to kick out disgustedly specially "Pigar" (Bass) from the band for the Lost Integrity and morality in band. In fact, They couldn't get along with other members again in band !!! This situation happened on end of 1998 before they entered studio recording. After losing their wimpy fuckin' pigass dumbydull members, MORBIFIK was asked for "Sopyan" formerly of "INJECTOR" whom used to be a Vo-Kills in MORBIFIK 1st grinding era to join the band again. Coincidentally, He agreed with the offering. Well, Glad to hear He's back from the Dead, His demented grinding disembowelment voices is really needed for MORBIFIK replacing "Sadik" on Vocals but for the Bass wasn't needed at that moment specially for their 2nd bombastic deathin' grinding recording 'coz "Boy Darmawan" had brutally handled for the bass only in Studio Recording when they entered to the Studio in April 12 - 14, 1999 !!! So, The "Gradually Killed In Torture" Line up was brutally fuckin' created by "Boy Darmawan" (Guitars), "Agung Cee" (Drums), and "Sopyan" (Vo-Kills). So, Don't even try to fuckin' mess with this brutal death/grind bastard band that Yea probably could get fuckin' ears bleeding as soon as possible, ha !!! The 12 trakcs of this paranoidhyperdeadlybastard death grinding onslaught yea will hear on their 2nd debutthead album entitled "Gradually Killed In Torture".

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