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Grind Buto Bio

Grind Buto
Band members
Frank Yudo - bass, vocals Hnk - guitars, bass


GRIND BUTO was formed in last July 1994 by it's personnel, they were FRANK YUDO (bass, vocal), HENK (guitars, bass), and EDDY (drums). In 1995 JAMEEL, now guitarist of AAARGH, supported GRIND BUTO formation but he was out to the excuse of different principles in music. In 1996 EDDY followed JAMEEL's decision for the same reason.

As the result of this happening GRIND BUTO had no drummer at the moment, but it's not made FRANK and HENK spirits collapse. In accordance with human limitation and the difficulties to find the drummer who had speed and powerful like SUPERSONIC AEROPLANE! They used electrical DRUM MACHINE to replace their drummer position.

The electrical DRUM MACHINE is used to ballance and adding the EXTREMELY and the INTENSITY speed of rhythm supported by FRANK's GROWLING VOCAL.

Although GRIND BUTO has been using DRUM MACHINE it's not consider something TABOO! Because this method can be seen to the other UNDERGROUND GROUPS such as MORTICIAN of USA and ROTOR of INDONESIA.

You can estimate GRIND BUTO's music by listening the demos entitled "EXTREME DAMAGE". Finally GRIND BUTO hope to the INDONESIAN UNDERGROUND to be proud to self-ability in playing UNDERGROUND MUSIC because.......It's real man!!!!

In playing this music we have same grade as ALL THE UNDERGROUND MUSICIAN in ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

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