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Gethebong Bio

Band members
Azis : Drums Andreas : Vocals Ian : Guitar Jameel : Guitar Ujang : Bass


At 31 December 1996 in Jakarta, 5 insane people established this band. Gethebong means a sign for death. Because in daily life, "gedebong" (banana tree) is a thing that we use as a base for corpse when we do a water cleaning ceremony before we buried it.

The line up since first time are Azis (drum), Andreas (Growl/scream), Ian (guitar), Jameel (guitar), and Ujang (bass). Influenced by Suffocation, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Metallica, Deeds of Flesh, Tiamat. That's why they do "Grinding Humanis Death Core" and take some bloody theme such as humanism, darkness of human life, death, and enmity between human being and evil. Their mystical bloody songs are " Sadness in The Darkness" , " Joeright", Punishment, " G-force", " Waiting for Death", " Dinasti Haram", Bleeding Tragedy, and a lot more…..

A compilation project they had joined are Total Reformation 1999, Gerilya Compilation 2000, Death Sound Compilation 2000. And they successfully released an album contains 4 extreme insane songs entitled "Dinasti Haram"

For more detail :
Edelweiss Production
Jl. Kali Anyar X Gg. 3 No. 19 RT 010/02
Jakarta 11310 Indonesia

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