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Armilos Bio

Band members
Itay Zaksh - Vocals Idan Amsalem - Guitar Liran Yom-Tov - Guitar Tomer Fuchs - Bass Matan Shmuely - Drums


Armilos, now one of the most promising Death-Metal bands in Israel, began to function in the summer of the year 2000 in Bet-Shean - The "Israeli Florida".

After releasing the "Addicted" demo in 2001, Armilos began to write more mature material in the vein of Deicide, Morbid Angel and Death, a material to be released under the title "Race of Lies" EP.

The EP was recorded in 2002 in the studio of Eyal Glottman (Eternal Gray & Betrayer) and was released in 2004 at a special event including Salem and Behemoth's vocalist Nergal. As for today, Armilos is working on a full-length release and still promoting their EP.

After years of expectation for Matan Shmuely and Idan Amsalem, who played together in several underground metal and punk bands (As "Metal INC." or "Generation P.") the minor dream about forming of a death metal band finally came true.

In the mid summer of 2000 Armilos was born. Named after the prophesied killer of the messiah, in the town of Bet-Shean - which lies desolated in the eastern borders of Israel, and become one of the bands leading out the new wave of Israeli death metal. In those time Armilos was still a very young band, but still one of the first bands in Israel to play brutal death in the ways of Deicide and Morbid Angel.

Matan Shmuely was doing the drum work while Idan Amsalem was the main songwriter and was doing the guitars. When the bands was in it's cradle - Nirel Moshe, a good friend of the band members, delivered the vocals. This line-up remain till it was decided to add another guitar-player to the band.

It was really hard to find a guitar player who is into extreme music back in those days at this area, before the internet revolution and also because the hard to play material of the band. After a long search Itay Zakash (Ex-Society victims) was founded and join the band, taking the part of rhythm guitar. Slowly the bands started to work on their material, with a song titled "Satan's son" (In the past - Armilos played a mixture of both old school black and death metal - also Nirel was responsible of the lyrics and concept - which dealt mostly with demons and ghosts).

Before the first shows the bands searched for a bass-player, and found their answer in the guitarist of the grindcore band "Bar-Minan", Liran Yom-Tov. After long decisions Nirel decided to quit the band due to personal reasons and, leaving the band with no lead vocals - only a month before recording-sessions. It was then decided that Itay will replace Nirel on the vocal duties - and he proved himself as a gifted death-metal growler. The first recording was of a 3 songs Demo entitled "Addicted". All the lyrics were rewritten by Itay Zakash to adapt to the current band's concept.

In August 2001 the band preformed live for the first time in the Extreme-Rock festival in Tel Aviv, in which they released their demo-tapes in limited quantity. The band preformed as the hard-rock event "We Are Family #8" and other gigs in their local area as well.

The big break-through in the central regions of Israel took place in a metal event titled "Embrace the dark" in 2002 with 3 major Israeli metal bands. In this event Armilos presented their new and updated material, hardly influenced by the brutal death metal of the US much more than their old style. Due to the change of the style - the first recording was no longer relevant for the band and it was decided to record a new release.

In September 2002 Armilos entered Eyal Glottman's studio (the guitar player of Betrayer and guitar and vocals on Eternal Gray's "Kindless"), The recording and mixing sessions lasted a month. The release date was delayed due to many important decisions about the mastering (which was done by Maor Appelbaum from Sleepless and Vultures) and the cover-design (which was done by Eliran Kantor).

After a long break Itay left the guitar playing for Liran (Who was originally a guitarist) to focus on his vocals. The band added a new bass player to fill in the hole - with Tome Fuchs from the death metal band Alba-Solaris.

In the middle of 2003 Armilos began their work with Metalist productions which support them long before the EP was released when they pushed up the single "Race of Lies". The line-up didn't change since then, and the first show as a 5-some was in the event "Metal till dawn - Independence" which took place in the Israeli Independence Day in 2003. The "Race of lies" EP was released in May 2004 in a massive release party in Haifa, together with the most veteran Israeli metal band "Salem" featuring a special guest - Nergal from the polish death metal kings "Behemoth".

In August 2004 the band preformed in Metalist Festival together with Behemoth, Salem, Orphaned land and the rest of Israeli top metal bands. As for today - the band is working on a full-length release and some are promoting their EP "Race of Lies".

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