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Necrotic Chaos
Band members
Azlanthor - vocals Azmaniarkth - bass Jadam - Guitars Wira - Drums JoO - Guitars


With a decade of existence, Ipoh's bound Necrotic Chaos has carved their name as a force to be reckoned with in the Malaysia Death Metal scene. They're proving their status right by producing a number of critically-acclaimed releases and 'tight- as- fuck' life performances.

It all begins in the end of 1992, when a seminal deathrash band Glottis went into bits and pieces. Some of the band members decided to continue their quest in a meaner, heavier, ferocious medium. And the answer, obviously- Brutal Death Metal! Influences and inspirations are derived from accomplished acts such as Terrorizer, Slayer, Death and Morbid Angel. The damned first incarnation of Necrotic Chaos consists of Adik (bass/vocals), Jadam (drums) and Is (guitars). Shortly after, Dark-E joined as the second guitarist.

In 1993, a two-song promo tape was released as their starting mark in the scene. This promo tape was widely applauded by the local Death Metal fans back then. 1994 saw the release of what would be considered one of the best release ever unleashed by the local underground scene, the split-tape with legendary Singapore grindcore maniacs Demisor. Necrotic Chaos delivered 5 songs (including a cover of Brain Dead, arguably one of the best Death Metal band ever spawned by Malaysia) in this much sought after, limited cassette release.

Ipoh is becoming the hunting ground for excellent underground Metal acts, with fine releases churned out by Langsuyr, Profane Creation, Hayagriva, and Athotorgh. As a tribute to this demented city, a compilation 'Ipoh Metal Militant Supremacist' was released by Ultra Hingax Productions, the first local independent Metal label. Necrotic Chaos offered 2 songs in this compilation, alongside the aforementioned bands. Besides, they have also featured in various other local and foreign compilations.

Necrotic Chaos is actively involved in the live-scene. Numerous live shows and gigs have been performed, and they are well known for delivering crushing live sets. Among the best and memorable ones are those at Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur and Hippodrome, Penang. They don't rule out the possibilities of playing in Indonesia and Thailand soon!

As always in a band, line-up changes are inevitable. Necrotic Chaos nowadays comprises of Adik (bass/vocals), Jadam (guitars), Wira (drums) and Jo-O (guitars). Accomplished musicians they are, the members also involves in various other activities and projects. Wira and Jadam are sessionists for Koffin Kanser. Wira also involved in the recordings of numerous act, among others Infectious Maggots and Vociferation Eternity. Jadam, a studio engineer; has put his touches on various recording projects. He also fronts two experimental bands, GORB and Mesmerized. Adik has experience as sessionist for well known act Brain Dead and Langsuyr. The vast experience and musical involvements helps to form a solid foundation for Necrotic Chaos hard hitting music.

10 years of existence requires progression. 2002 will mark the release of a split CD with Singaporean Cardiac Necropsy. It will be released by the Singapore label Dark Artz Records. It will be followed by their much expected full length release under Ultra Hingax Productions. Still staying true to the Brutal Death Metal concept with their own potent touches- blisteringly fast, yet with thundering blast! The recordings are handled by themselves, done in numerous studios to ensure maximum satisfaction in the result; and to be able to exploit all available recording technology to its fullest.

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