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Groovenics Bio

Band members
Jim Austin - Guitars
Pete Carmichael - Bass, Vocals
Mike Darookie - Drums, Vocals
K*rl Michaels - Main Vocals
Josh Mullenix - Samples, Keys


GROOVENICS have tapped into a unique hybrid of sound being heralded by the press as "the future of heavy music as we know it". That's a lot to live up to, but sure enough, on their their self-titled Spitfire debut, they do just that.

Groovenics have created their own very unique and distinctive sound, with guaranteed appeal to fans of such acts as Incubus, Deftones, Mr. Bungle and Papa Roach. Their amazing debut stands proudly as a sonic monument of musical virtuosity, diversity and seamless innovation. Groovenics are equally adept at decimating listeners with a blazing primal fury or lulling them into a melodic groove, with plenty of unexpected detours of musical exploration along the way.

With roots going as far back as 1996, the West Palm Beach, Florida rockers include lead vocalist K*rl Michaels (yes, that's K star RL), guitarists Jim Austin and Matt Swig, bassist Pete Carmichael, drummer Mike McFarland, and synth/electronics wizard Josh Mullenix.

The band's sunny South Florida locale, known primarily for it's Latin pop and dance music scene, was in for a very rude awakening when Groovenics first emerged onto their clubby terrain. The group quickly helped spawn a fertile heavy music scene, and their self-released CD, entitled "Wedgie Fever", sold thousands of copies locally in 1999. By 2000, the band was ruling the South Florida heavy music scene, and dominating Florida's premier music award events, Jam Magazine's Jammy Awards and the South Florida Slammy Awards, winning Band Of The Year, Best Vocalist, Best Bassist and Best Local Release. The group also charted on both of Billboard Talent Net's Top Ten charts.

Commenting on the early days, Michaels says, "Back in the late Eighties, early Nineties, there was a really big metal scene here, but shortly after Marilyn Manson got signed, the scene completely died out for several years. When we first started playing out, it was really strange; nobody really accepted us because we were so different. We started developing a loyal following after we started playing in Miami. The kids and the energy down there is just sick. They totally connected with the band, with the vibe, with the energy, and all the crazy stage antics."

Further adding to their growing reputation as soon to be national stars, Groovenics honed their chops opening for such acts as Misfits, Motley Crue, Everclear, Orgy, Suicidal Tendencies, Drain STH and Less Than Jake, among others. Groovenics live shows are already legendary in the South Florida area for their unpredictable flights of musical and visual mayhem. Frontman, K*rl Michaels, described by insiders as the "David Lee Roth of the new Millennium" is a natural born star with an amazing stage presence. His acrobatic stage moves, colorful on-stage antics, and astonishingly powerful vocal prowess make Groovenics shows a must see. Says Michaels, "Our stage show is really crazy. The whole band goes off. When I get up there, I go crazy and feed off the crowd. The fans get really caught up in it all, usually ending up on stage with us. It's pretty nuts and real chaotic."

Enlisting famed producer Michael Wagner, known for his studio work with such acts as Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Alice Cooper and Metallica, the band spent three solid months recording the album on a farm near Nashville, Tennessee. The remote locale made it easy for the group to focus on crafting a great album, as Michaels concurs, "The laid back environment definitely helped. We were completely focused for twelve hours a day in the studio. There were no distractions. There were cows and horses literally walking around outside of the studio. It really helped get a hundred percent out of everybody."

Groovenics aren't a one trick pony. Thriving on bold musical invention and reinvention, Groovenics revel in surprising the listener with their musical diversity. Each member draws from their own pool of diverse stylistic influences, tapping into metal, punk, funk, pop, hip hop, prog-rock, and electronica. "Our diversity comes from everybody in the band being into completely different styles of music, " says Michaels. "Everybody listens to completely different music, drawing in a variety of influences and inspiration." Tune into the metal epic "Teach Me", the swirling and atmospheric "Spooky," or the machine gun like rhythms of "Just Right" for further tangible proof of the band's broad musical palette.

Further testament to there diversity is the track "She's A Freak", a funky slab of ultra commercial metallic mania, earmarked by a devastatingly infectious chorus. Michaels says, "The guys were just fucking around one day at rehearsal, and they started playing that chorus riff over and over. Mike, who's really funny, started singing random stuff, "Damn, she's a thief, she's a thief, she's a motherfucker" (laughs). The song started out as kind of a joke but, a few changes later, it turned out to be one of our catchiest songs. Now, at shows we have to play "She's A Freak" or the fans will kill us (laughs)."

Capping off the record with a supersonic bang is the band's hell-raising interpretation of Def Leppard's Eighties mega hit, "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Pumped to the max with metal testosterone and steroid funk, Groovenics' thrilling deconstruction of this pop-metal hit is a marvel to behold. "We just started tearing it up" says Michaels, "There was no discussion about doing it like the original. Everybody just put in their own style. The fans have now come to expect it as our show encore."

Michaels says "after people are done listening to the record, I want them to feel like they've gone on a whole journey of sound, discovering new styles and textures along the way. I hope that it'll open some minds because of the diversity. I want people to feel like they have something new to live for" (laughs).

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