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Fate Bio

Band members
Roshan - Vocals and Bass Nitin - Guitars Hitesh - Drums


Fate, formed in November 1999, is an underground black metal band from Mumbai. Fate consists of Roshan on vocals and bass, Nitin on Guitars & Hitesh on drums. Fate was formed after Roshan and Hitesh left Morticide in '99.

The name FATE is derived from the "best of" album by DEATH. Fate is a tribute to all the musicians who have been a part of this amazing band. (Gene Hoglan, Steve digiorgio, James Murphy and Chuck Schuldiner and the rest…)

Replete with twin guitar attack, the original line up of Fate saw Amar and Edwin sharing the guitar-works. Things didn't work out the way it was wished. Edwin quit during the early stages and from there on Fate decided to stick together as a trio. Nothing concrete ever came out of this trio either. In the end it was decided rope-in Nitin from Morticide. It was back to square one, from where they had once started as Morticide.

Fate is a group of individuals with similar mind-set and attitude. Our idea of self-expression is a bit different from the rest of the lot. We play only originals and write about different issues, more so, our songs are our perception of the world. We have always believed in Fate and the music we make, that helps us keep our heads straight and pay more attention to the content rather than small talk.

Fate recorded an E.P titled "Lead us to Darkness" in February 2001. This album was released 27th September 2001 at the "RUDRA LIVE" concert held in Mumbai. This album sees the efforts of Nitin Rajan (Morticide) in the area of growls along with the rest of the band, which also makes it the original line-up of the band - Morticide. This self-funded effort is an epitome of the bands' attitude and will to go against the tide. The band is an expression of many people through the three musicians that make this band. This album contains five tracks named Deathless, Golden leaf (Hauptmann's sorrow); Lead us to darkness, Nittilai and Whispering death. The genre of their music is black metal. So far their blend of music is quite appreciated in the underground circuit.

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