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Great Deceiver Bio

Great Deceiver
Band members
Tomas Lindberg: Vocals
Kristian Wahlin: Guitar
Hans Nilsson: Drums
Johan Osterberg: Guitar
Matti Lundell: Bass


"Fuelling the wipe-out with a venom well-designed"

Featuring Tomas Lindberg ex- AT THE GATES (vocals) as well as Kristian Wahlin (guitar), Johan Osterberg (guitar), Matti Lundell (bass) and Kalle (drums), THE GREAT DECEIVER properly formed in the spring of 1998.

With a common sense of creativity, it didnĀ“t take more than a year for them to sign a contract with Swedish indie Bridge Records (Trustkill in the US) and release the mini CD/10" "Jet-Black Art". This mini CD is an angry, utterly aggressive and in-your-face affair - combining melody, edge, hardcore brutality, downright heaviness together with dark sociopolitical lyrics... "Roots" meets Neurosis" claimed Martin Carlsson (Metal Hammer/Close-up) which is a rather suiting description of what this mini CD is all about. Relentless psychotic heaviness. Tomas has been known for claiming this band to be his logical progression from what he wanted to do with AT THE GATES.

Currently residing in the rehearsalplace, working on the yet untitled (working title "A Venom Well-Designed") first full length. Reports tell of a band with their minds set on bigger things. Songs as "The Demon's Lair", "You Pierce a Void in Me", "Strychnine", "Repulsion", "1972" and "Who Threw the First Stone?" feature more dynamic songwriting, a fuller-heavier sound and a sense of presence, urgency and honesty so far unheard of from a heavier band. "We must do this", the band says with a collective voice, "These songs must be heard, it's no longer a choice for us... It's about a sort of commitment to the THE GREAT DECEIVER sound, because we know we're breaking new ground here."

Before the rehearsals for the new album started the band jumped in the van for a Swedish tour. During this tour they aired some of the new material alongside the already released songs. Needless to say, the reaction fueled our boys even more...

The recording session is set for Jan. 2001. The release date is not yet nailed but plans are for an early spring release. Expect some heavy touring and a busy festival Summer to follow...

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