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Hell-Born Bio

Band members
Baal - vocals & bass Les - guitar Jeff - guitar Necrolucas - drums

death metal

The group's history begins in the break of '95/96, when two BEHEMOTH members, Baal and Les (also known as the leader of DAMNATION) decided to bring forth a band dig to the golden era of metal music, the time when DESTRUCTION, SODOM, POSSESSED and others ruled the scene. After a couple of intense rehearsal sessions the two blasphemers enter the gates of Warrior Studio's to record their debut Mini-album under the name HELL-BORN. The self-titled CD was released by Pagan Records and let the band join the leaders of the so-called retro style by getting pretty good reviews. Unfortunately, a conflict between HELL-BORN and Pagan Records has risen and Les was becoming more and more involved with DAMNATION and BEHEMOTH. The band was obviously falling apart and it disappeared for 5 long years... The year 2000 is the bringer of change. Baal (DAMNATION lead singer at that time) and the die-hard Les decide to bring the band back to life. Their long time friend, Jeff joins HELL-BORN on bass and vocals. The band starts with serious rehersals, and after a couple of weeks 5 brand new hymns are born, to check if the spirit of real metal didn't die within the hearts of the fans. This stuff gets recorded atHertz Studio, Bialystok, Poland, and released soon after by Conquer Records under the title "Hellblast". Pagan records provides the polish version. This compilation CD contains also the legendary 1996 Mini-album. The band members soon realize, that there was nothing to be afraid of, althought dominated by new-metal and modern style of music, the scene is still hungry for bands who remember the roots. "Hellblast" gets very good reviews worldwide so it becomes obvious that HELL-BORN needs a full line-up to bring forth their evil art onstage. Within a couple of months they become complete, as Basti (the drummer of one of the best polish deathmetal bands- DEVILYN) joins the pack, Baal (still HELL-BORN'' lead singer) grabs the bass guitar and Jeff picks up his 6 string chainsaw. With this line-up the band hits the road for the first time on a European tour with DAMNATION. After a couple more shows in Poland and Europe as well, HELL-BORN(as the second band after VADER in the history of polish metal music) gets the chance to play in the U.S.A. One more time the band members find out that straight, brutal and groovy arrangements, together with classic metal stage presence (including leather, spikes and chains) still finds it's way to possess people's minds. Meanwhile, HELL-BORN enters the chamber of their rehearsal room once again to work on some new songs for the long awaited full-length album. At the end of June 2002, in the already tested „Hertz Studio", a beast is born. 8 brand new pieces of blasphemy gets caught on tape to be released by Conquer Records under the title „The Call of Megiddo". The album digs straight to the spirit of the deathmetal ancestors, still having the unique HELL-BORN style. "The Call..." gets a much better response and reviews than it's predecessor and confirms the band's position in the metal scene worldwide. The end of the year 2002 brings a drummer change. Basti appears to live to far away from the rest of the band, and it finally turns out to be a disaster . He's also involved with many things that made the further cooperation with the band impossible. The new person in HELL-BORN is Chris, ex- drummer of a somehow legendary act, GHOST. He also used to play in a band named GRIN. With this line-up, the band starts with writing the new songs for their next full-length album. Meanwhile some live performances take place, and the fans are getting more and more familiar with the uncompromising, unique image of HELL-BORN. The recording process starts in June 2003. Fast and direct, as usual, the band comes up with their best and most brutal album so far- "Legacy of the Nephilim". Once again their work is full-filled with merciless, infernal fury, with a sound production much heavier, sharper and selective than ever before. The album is to be out at the end of the year 2005 under the sign of Ibex Moon Reoords in North America.

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