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Murdered, the
Band members
Ryan Shea Corey Hunter Bledsoe Justin Smith Matt Karaglou Barry Henthorn


THE MURDERED were formed out of an urgent need to revitalize the metal/hardcore community in the struggling Atlanta scene. Besides acts such as MASTODON and FIGHT PARIS the Atlanta scene is barely represented today, but THE MURDERED have arrived and plan on altering that forever. Forming from the ashes of several local bands, THE MURDERED finalized their current line-up in the spring of 2005. With this new solidified line-up they recorded a demo and the rest is history.

Their Tribunal Records debut, "And The Maggots Shall Inherit The Earth" is sure set everyone's ears ablaze. Lightning quick riffs with sinister underlying melodic themes all intermingled with ferocious breakdowns that will surely have the hardcore kids salivating. "And The Maggots Shall Inherit The Earth" is also a full fledged lyrical concept album. Vocalist, John Rosser, had this light to shed on its concepts and themes.

"Maggots…is a concept of the Judeo-Christian theory of the devil's rise to power and the imminent end of the world. It depicts man's inherent hatred of humanity and lust for power due to the indwelling of the manifested evil which is commonly accepted as The Devil. In turn the world is destroyed and leaving only the maggots to feast on the flesh of the dead."

2006 has arrived and so have THE MURDERED. You better run because we are pretty sure they plan to leave no one alive. Your blood will spill beginning April 25th.

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