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Twin Method
Band members
Deen Dean - Guitars Adam Carter-Potticary - Drums Jason Carter-Potticary - Vocals Matthew Carter-Potticary - Bass Ioannis Lamberti - Vocals Robin Carter-Potticary - Programming+Vocals

alt metal

There's no denying the fact that Twin Method is a band that will leave a lasting impression, both musically and visually. Based out of Liverpool, England, the band recently finished recording at Audio Lab Studio in Los Angeles with producer/engineer Logan Mader (Machine Head) having put the finishing touches on their soon to be released debut album. The album, featuring such mesmerizing tracks as 'Flawless' and 'Defeated', takes a lyrical stance…or better said a lyrical attack on people. According to lyricist/vocalist Jason, "I generally write about certain people who do things without thinking and cause problems for others…people who are basically idiots."

The band encompasses vast musical influences, guitarist Dean grew up on L.A. glam with bands like Motley Crue and Pantera, vocalist Jason grew up with harder-edged bands like Megadeth and Metallica, bassist Matt always liked UK Drum & Bass, while drummer Adam was more intrigued by the emerging punk bands of the '90s like NOFX and Green Day, and Yan's influences range from Massive Attack to soundgarden and NIN. Growing up in Liverpool hasn't always been a stroll down Penny Lane, the environment of the city has changed for the worse.

According to Jason, "It's difficult looking the way we do without getting hassled. Trying to be different in Liverpool is slightly harder than most other places since there's such a clique of people that attack you for being what they consider odd." Needless to say, Liverpool is much more conservative than big cities such as London, although Jason admits, "There is a good metal scene currently in Liverpool, An abundance of local bands and there are always gigs to play."

Twin Method has focused on gigging and rehearsing endlessly since they formed two years ago. They are as tight-knit as a band could get, the three brothers, Adam, Matt, Jason and childhood friend, Yan, met Dean at a Liverpool nightclub a few years back. Robin Carter Potticary joined the band in early 2005 completing the line-up. As it turns out, Dean had met with Hollowpoint president Shawn Barusch when he was in a previous band. According to Dean, "I kept in touch with Shawn and soon after we formed Twin Method, I gave him a demo recording and he loved it".

You can expect Twin Method's debut to be released in early 2006, to be followed by a US tour. With a unique look and sound, and a high-energy live show that is visually over-the-top, expect nothing but greatness to come from these Liverpool lads. Not just another one-hit-wonder, this band will surely have everlasting success and put an end to the stigma that Liverpool is just another "one-band-wonder".Hailing from Liverpool, England, it's no question that Twin Method will invariably be foreshadowed by the imperial sovereignty of The Beatles. In fact, there has yet to be a band to commercially break out of the musical barriers of that illustrious town since the aforementioned Fab Four.

But the British Invasion isn't over yet. Get ready, America, Twin Method is determined to live up to that challenge and become an international force to be reckoned with!

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