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Morgan Paul Wiancko - Cello Randy Cooke - Drums Dan Rosa - Piano Wes Precourt - Violin


Morgan: A Biography

Classically trained at a young age, Morgan has been influenced by many genres of music in her life. One could describe Morgan's music as an orchestra and a maudlin virus keyboard making love to an ingénue in the back of an 80s-style opera house. Her songs are a fusion of her classical background (piano, cello and opera) and the dark wave/industrial music she luxuriates in. If Trent Reznor, Kate Bush and Blonde Redhead had a lovechild, little Miss Morgan would be her.

Learning piano at age 4 through the Suzuki method (all ear training and very little theory study) Morgan grew up playing the gamut of recitals including performing with an orchestra in Peru for a music festival at age 12. Being moved by its sound as an adult, Morgan decided two years ago to commence learning the cello (she studied with Ana Lenchantin, currently touring with the Eels). As she grew musically, she toyed with the possibility of mixing the classical genre with rock, leading to an endless potential for forward thinking music.

Formerly known as Morgan Grace, Morgan recorded an EP with the production team known as the Wizardz of Oz (Liz Phair), and is currently in the studio with them once again for her upcoming LP. "When I went into the studio it was very clear to me that my producers and I could fuse the two genres (classical and electronic) and create something very cinematic, dramatic and epic sounding" Morgan states. "Kind of like an orchestra on acid."

With the album release date set for early November, she will also be featured on the upcoming international trailer for Harry Potter. In addition to her musical career she also hand-makes a line of custom merchandise (pins, dolls, etc.) and is currently writing her first book of poetry.

Morgan will be embarking on a jaunt/tour through the American countryside in November of 2005 to support Veruca Salt in their touring efforts. With the addition of Paul Wiancko on cello (Yellowcard) Wesley Precourt on violin, Dan Rosa on piano/harpsichord and Randy Cooke on drums, Morgan has found a brilliant team with which she performs live and heaps luscious little oddities upon her audiences with.

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