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Sonic Syndicate
Band members
Richard Sjunnesson - Vocals Roger Sjunnesson - Guitar Robin Sjunnesson - Guitar Andreas Mårtensson - Keyboard Karin Axelsson - Bass and Backup Vocals Kristoffer Bäcklund - Drums and Backup Vocals


Sonic Syndicate might be comprised of young members, with guitarist Robin clocking in at only 16 years of age as the youngest, and guitarist Roger clocking in at 22 as the oldest, but that doesn't change the fact that Eden Fire is a big record all around consisting of excellent musicianship, maturity, uniqueness, great production, and killer artwork by Jose A.Aranguren. With a garage demo, and two self released EPs under their belt, the latter two recorded at Studiomega (The Crown, Beseech), it's no surprise that their debut album Eden Fire, once again recorded at Studiomega, attacks so harshly from all angles. While this may all seem impressive on paper, the band has also proven themselves on the stage both on the local circuits and in the spotlight, as proven by their performance at this year's 2000 Decibel Festival which featured bands such as Amon Amarth and Meshuggah on the bill. The addition of bassist/backup vocalist Karin has also ceased the band's previously shaky lineup and nothing now stands in their way. The band believes in putting on a show that people of all ages and fans of all genres can enjoy.

Eden Fire is comprised of ten tracks broken down into three different segments. The praise for the band?s previous two EPs Black Lotus and Extinction was so high that the band felt it necessary to include the works on their debut release so that all the masses could get a chance to hear the material, since the EPs are now out of print. The songs were reworked in order to meet the band's new standards and the tracks were completely re-recorded along with three brand new tracks. The result is an album broken down into three segments, the Helix Reign Chronicles of a Broken Covenant section, the Extinction A Sinwar Quadrilogy section, and the Black Lotus The Shadow Flora section. Each segment has a continuous theme/concept throughout its tracks.

Listeners will no doubt wonder why in the world Sonic Syndicate wasn't signed to a major record label. The possibility to sign the band was largely responsible for the creation of Pivotal Rockordings, the record label they signed with. Upon asking the owners of the record label what they think about Eden Fire, "we couldnt possibly have put out a better first release" tends to be the exact response.

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