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Embrace the End
Band members
Jesse - Vocals Pat - Vocals Joel - Guitar Karl - Guitar Bart - Drums Louie - Bass


EMBRACE THE END are a deadly six-piece bent on eradicating all those who so carelessly use the word "brutal" to describe other bands' music. Once subjected to the apocalyptic abandon these Sacramento natives churn forth, it's clear they're going to be annihilating the audience and their contemporaries alike. With a sound akin to a cinder block tornado, EMBRACE THE END prove to be uncompromising in aggression and unmatched in brutality. Using a deft fusion of scathing blastbeats amid a torrent of seismic breakdowns their musicianship is supreme and devastating. Featuring current members of First Blood and Killing The Dream in their ranks, EMBRACE THE END separates themselves from those acts and the current choking atmosphere of metalcore bands by their sheer scathing ferocity. Brilliantly recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios by Zach Ohren (Animosity, All Shall Perish), every second of intensity is captured with pristine quality. Once taking in the 10-song debut album, Counting Hallways To The Left, it's clear that EMBRACE THE END are unrelenting in all facets from their destructive music to their lyrics and vision. Sons Of Nero (Unearth, Twelve Tribes) have provided the overbearing artwork that concisely conveys the gritty message and visuals EMBRACE THE END so passionately align themselves with, melding an album around themes of global destruction and despair with ethical and political issues in mind. Fusing with the band's technical prowess is their dual vocalist bombardment, hitting the listener with a myriad of vocal stylings from all across the board, backed by enough desperation to bring attention from even the most calloused bystander. Wiping the floor with the competition, 2005 is the year the music world gets blindsided by EMBRACE THE END.

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