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Figure of Six
Band members
Giacomo Lavatura - Vocals / Flute Matteo Troiano - Guitar Peter Cadonici - Guitar Stefano Capuano - Bass Michele Mingozzi - Keyboards Simone Bocchini (DJ Aent) - Scratches Emanuele Pagani - Drums

alt metal

Hailing from Italy. Figure of Six were originally heavily influenced by Hardcore bands, but soon turned their music into something completely different. Evolving the FO6 sound with the introduction of electronic & melodic complicity. Now, Figure Of Six is a band that is impossible to categorize and hardly can be described with a certain label. The easiest way to describe their sound is they could possibly be the missing link between Linkin' Park and Slipknot.

Amazing and melodic choruses are fused within a focused groove. Meanwhile keyboards, samples, scratches, guitarsynths and electronic elements support this fantastic raw-but-still-catchy sound to create a journey through dark, futuristic atmospheres and spacy melodies.

The monicker Figure Of Six represents how the Italians intend their music to sound; a perfect combination of six musical instruments (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and DJ). Everything assembled, arranged and played with the highest intensity possible.

The band release their debut album 'Step One' through UK label Casket Music in October. And a video for the track 'Go Away' will be submitted to all relevant TV channels.

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