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Back in the wee days of glitter balls, afros, and disco strobes, the band KISS composed the song "GOD OF THUNDER" which was, in our view, the pivotal impetus upon which was launched the true essence of that which is known as DOOM. In 1981 the name and concept for Rigor Sardonicous was conceived with influence granted from the film "Mr. Sardonicus", based on a short story by Ray Russell. However it was not until 1987 that Glenn finally found someone who offered a similar musical vision. That lasted for a year before Gabe (Grotesqueuphoria) stepped in on drums. Though not his preference, Gabe tolerated it for some time and then in 1989 he formed the Long Island based Abhorrence. Glenn played bass to fill in until they found someone full time. After many trials with many people Joe from Amityville - trust me, the horror house is not that exciting, stepped in in 1990. Though together for about one and a half years, Glenn and Joe did not have much contact together in this band. However when the time came for Abhorrence to take the death spiral, the two of us conjoined and determined to formulate ourselves in some manner. Verily it was learned that each of us had a VERY similar view of what DOOM is to be. After several failed attempts with drummers we went the way of a Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm drum machine which has maintained healthy status since. In 1991 we recorded our first demo tape "Risus ex Mortuus". Later on and not entirely pleased with the sound of the tape we ventured into FYE in the Sky studios and rerecorded it. Things were a bit slow at times due to other life events one of which is that Joe was going to school for Mortuary Science and gave it up after 3 years. In 1999 we entered DARE studios and recorded a new song for a compilation CD. And yet even later that same year we re-entered DARE to record "Apocalypsis Damnare". Surprising to us a lot of the Underground took well to this album, though it was still very underground. After a strong attempt to push this into the scene did not yield the desired result, things slowed down again as Glenn began his own computer business and Joe entered the Army and then returned to school for a Music degree (graduated with Highest Distinction) and a certification in Audio Engineering. Later he joined The Forgotten, which later became the current Dimentianon, on bass. Two destroyed basses and several anxiety attacks later he switched to guitar. It has been said that DOOM is the least understood of all genres of music and we agree - it is the Underground of the Underground. In the current year of 2004 it was decisively determined that Rigor Sardonicous shall go forth into this voided world. The rest, as we say, shall be History.......

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