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Goatbag Bio

Band members
Josh Pryor - Vocals Mac Macpherson - Bass Richard Price - Guitar Josh Wright - Drums Andy Hollenbach(Reverend Nick Scholotchy) - Bellows/Keyboard


In late 2003, the five orchestrators of Goatbag converged on "Wrapped in a Blanket and Tossed into the Woods". The new EP marked a re-birth in the band and a departure from early experimental recordings. In the months following the release, Goatbag performed extensively in support of the albumn. Then by fall, as they had done the year previous, Goatbag went back into the studios. This time with one thing on their minds. "Business" was proudly released on December 4, 2004. "2005" has brought non stop onslaught to the mid Atlantic , Playing and writing constantly. Goatbag is looking foward to a new albumn this October.

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