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He Who Corrupts
Band members
Tommy Camaro - Vocals Ross Boneyard - Drums Rory Lockheart - Bass Cory Lockheart - Guitars Caz Ul Friday - Guitars


Dear Investors,

As we end this quarter I'm proud to announce not just another win for Hewhocorrupts Inc. but a slaughter. We continue to out perform our competitors in all sectors of the industry, proving once again why we are the single most innovative and successful entity serving society today.

Of course we owe much of our successes this quarter to our European alignment with the German based Bloom:Explode Megacorp. Though their name may seem odd to you, there was surely nothing odd about the revenue growth they generated late in the quarter...-insert older white man laughing here-. With the release of their vastly popular product offering entitled HEWHOCORRUPTS "Der Eu-Investitionsantrag" LP, profit margins boomed to record highs. Though our US marketing team is still unsure what "Der Eu-Investitionsantrag" means, we are happy that the product made us a lot of money.

Lastly, I would like to extend further thanks to the fine folks at Eugenics Record Corp. Though an early entry to the market, the release of their HEWHOCORRUPTS "The Smell of Money" CDEP was instrumental in meeting our projections this quarter and gave us the added momentum to further increment our margins. I end by thanking you again for your confidence in a company that continues to out shine the rest.

Your CEO
Thomas "fuckin" Camaro

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