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When Dan Donegan(guitarist), Mike Wengren(drummer), and Fuzz(bassist) were sick and tired of auditions with people who just didn't have the vibe that thye were looking for they finally discovered David Draiman (vocalist) and he also brought along a name for their band. And that name is Disturbed....

David came from a conservative religious family that didn't expect him to take the road that he took. They thought he'd be a teacher, minister,salesman at Sears, maybe even a doctor. Instead he becomes a lead singer of Disturbed. He says, "My whole life,people have set out a certain path that they wanted me to follow. It didn't quiet work out that way. Our songs and out Image are about how the reverse effect has occured-going to and getting kicked out of five different boarding schools didn't help, along with everyone trying to make all of us into what society would have us to be."

Disturbed started it's way up with a highy-traded demo tape. They got signed to Giant Records. Disturbed's brute force is unquestionable, yet there is a murderous intelligence at work behind such songs as "Down With The Sickness" that will make the most jaded, veteran head-banger cast a way, nervous gaze in their direction.

Not before long Disturbed would be sharing stages with likes of hometown titans Ministry. Dan's riffs were becoming even more pummeling and David was jabbing and feinting with his syllables, his vocal delivery honed to a state of breathtaking agility. "I'm not a rapper by any means, but there's a very distinctive rhythm that I use to complement the music," David claifies. As for an example listen to the lyrical flow of "Stupify."

Disturbed wanted to set their selves apart from everyone else. Mike comments on the use of samples and electronic programming that the electronics and stuff like that is mostly there for ear candy.In their music they like to stress their gutair riffs, even though David's voice and the lyrical content is the main focus.

Distured is the band that your mom warned you to never take candy from. But take a listen for yourself. You won't fail to walk away...

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