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Grand Magus Bio

Grand Magus
Band members
JB - Vocals and Guitars. Fox - Bass and Backing Vocals. Trisse - Drums.


On their second full-length, Sweden's Grand Magus plunge once again headstrong into that corridor of doom and surface with a hell-bent record that is sure to give smile on even the grimmest of stoner audiences.

Showing more of their metallic roots, Wolf's Return proves to be a more molten offering than the sounds found on Monument, the trio's 2003 full-length debut. It is a large sound grounded by vocalist/guitarist JB's charismatic and commanding roar. Simple but grandiose, the albums eight tracks benefit from a brighter (though still quite dark) mix. Your fists will rise and you won't be able to stop the impulse.

Formed in 1996, Grand Magus is based in Stockholm. Signing with Lee Dorrian's Rise Above in 2001, the band quickly recorded their self-titled debut. Produced by Fred Estby (Entombed, Hellacopters, Dismember), the record saw US release (The Music Cartel) a year later. With JB moonlighting in Michael Ammot's Spiritual Beggars, the band's second album would later surface and continue to build the band's worldwide profile.

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