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Twenty Inch Burial Bio

Twenty Inch Burial
Band members
Ricardo Correia - Guitarist Luis Tavares - Drums Rui Brás - Vocals


Formed in the spring of the year 2000 by guitarist Ricardo Correia and drummer Luis Tavares, both long time friends and partners in high school, they also played together in 1992 in a thrash band called Mortify.

Soon both musicians worked on 4 track demo, latter mastered and released as a split cd with Belgium's PN, on Underhill Records and Funtime Records.
2001, saw the light of "The Sand Crystal e.p." released by a new born independent Portuguese label called Ragingplanet…..

With a new line-up this e.p. contained 4 brand new tracks. After massive shows and touring across Portugal, in 2002 the band got an offer from Underhill Records once more, to start working on their debut album…latter named "The Void we Carry", 8 tracks, better production, and the addition of the new and current singer Rui Brás, followed by 2 full Spanish tours and a mini - tour on the east coast of the United States of America. Following the success of "The Void we Carry", Ragingplanet released a re-issue of that album with a slight different artwork and bonus track. In 2003 once more on Ragingplanet the band unleashes the e.p. "Heavy Metal is the Law", containing Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy cover songs, plus a brand new re-recorded version of a now classic track called "Excuses".

Already divorced from Underhill Records the band join forces with Ragingplanet in 2003 and start working on their 2nd full-length effort latter named "How much will we laugh and smile?" released in 2004, produced and recorded in Spain with veteran producer Santi Garcia, known for his work with bands such as Standstill, Macabre, Skinless, etc… This album shows a much more mature band and song-writing, a perfect blend of heavy-metal and hardcore, with strong choruses and emotional parts, the album was very well accepted by the local and international press. It was the very first professional recording of the band.
Meanwhile the band recorded 2 brand new tracks and a cover version of the 80's classic "Touch Me" by Samantha Fox, to be included on a split cd with fellow Americans, With Resistance on State of Mind Recordings, there are also plans for a vinyl release on Ragingplanet with a retrospective of the band so far.

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