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ATMF is proud to present NOVA's highly anticipated third album, Veniamo Dal Cielo

Nova Formed in 2003, it would not be until 2014 when NOVA would release a public recording. At last, it came with Il ritorno, courtesy of ATMF. It would be followed three years later by Soli contro il mondo, also courtesy of ATMF. Not for nothing has ATMF aligned itself with NOVA: as proven by these two acclaimed full-lengths, NOVA are masters of epic, pagan-inspired black metal with a uniquely Italian touch.

Keeping apace, now arrives NOVA's third album, Veniamo Dal Cielo. Immediately and distinctly NOVA, here we find again a vigorous sound far away from trends, timeless in its craft and execution. No merely digital approach is cheaply or lazily undertaken here; instead, NOVA proudly strive toward a purely analog feeling, instilling life - vital, effervescent LIFE - into ancient, primordial black metal. Within a compact runtime of 35 minutes, Veniamo Dal Cielo brims with strident sorrow and bleary-eyed bloodlust alike, retaining the classicism for which NOVA are known. Fiercely focused but still idiosyncratic, they're nearly without peer.

Special mention must be made of the drum sound on Veniamo Dal Cielo. Here, the shapely weight of sterling melodicism binds together with the cold groove of blackest metal, heightened by guitar lines which draw together tragedy and triumph, all underpinned by that exceptionally analog pulse provided by these natural 'n' authentic drums. In essence, everything is always working together to draw the listener into this epic journey, restoring a harmony within and without.

NOVA continue their march forward from conquest to conquest with Veniamo Dal Cielo. Join their cause or succumb to their swords' righteous might!

Purchase info can be found HERE:

1. Durezza e Ascetismo
2. Veniamo dal Cielo
3. In Lotta Elevata
4. Fregata Covadonga
5. Noi mai Vinti
6. La Guerra delle Ombre
7. Crudele Alba
8. Dio Del Ghiaccio e Del Lampo
9. Trovare Chiuso


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    January 17, 2020

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