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Night Machine - Themes of the Dead 1 November 2018

Album cover In the recent influx of 80s-inspired synthwave projects, not many stand out from the horde. Night Machine, the project of Nashville resident Nathan Yarroll, is one of them - but not because he tries to beat the likes of Perturbator, Carpenter and GosT at their own game. Instead, he’s rewritten the rules to suit his own needs, giving him the freedom to play with expectations as he explores the Themes of the Dead.

Using only a handful of synthesizers and beat pads, Night Machine renders many of his influences into a unique format - the familiar pounding drums and floating synths intermingle with 80s horror à la John Carpenter for an added twist on “Menace (The Stalker)”Night Machine , while “Hookhand (The Hitcher)” has a distinctly metallic taste as it toys with chiptune blast beats and screeching high notes. Each track focuses on a particular character or scenario, and the vibe matches the title; other highlights include “Campkiller (The Maniac)”, which draws from those creepy side-scrolling adventures that will no doubt evoke childhood memories for many, and closer “Old Scratch” which finishes the album on a memorable boss fight with The Devil himself.

Themes of the Dead is a strong collection of tracks from Night Machine, showcasing a unique way of thinking in a saturated scene. To those who already dismissed synthwave or horror-inspired music as another fad, this may be the record to draw you back into its robotic clutches.

Night Machine is:
Nathan Yarroll - everything

1. Themata X Mortuis
2. Old Dust (The Crypt)
3. Black Magic (The Witch)
4. Menace (The Stalker)
5. Dead Party
6. Campkiller (The Maniac)
7. Countess (The Vampire)
8. Hookhand (The Hitcher)
9. Chapel District (The Ripper)
10. Pods (The Invasion)
11. Old Scratch (The Devil)

Release date: 1st November 2018

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    October 01, 2018

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