Darkthrone Issues Update

Darkthrone Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE has issued the following update:

"DARKTHRONE has completed four new songs for the new album, and will record a couple of new ones in a couple of weeks. Ah, and I have to tell you about the new box set from DARKTHRONE, 'Frostland Tapes'. It really came along better than I hoped, it's nice actually. Three discs, containing all demos, including 'Land Of Frost', of course. Rare original rehearsal tape, 'Goatlord', plus live from Denmark, drum solo by Fenriz (!) and so on. We can now, simultaneously grabbing our balls, say that after this box, we have no more 'rare' stuff to offer. 'Frostland Tapes' is all of our early history. It's the right timing for it as well actually, since some clever fella has started Gylve Records to release a demo, to put it mildly, the man himself is not very pleased of this shit."

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Date: Mar 01, 2008
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