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Dimmu Borgir turned down Korn tour

Dimmu Borgir In a recent statement on Dimmu Borgir's official website, the band revealed that they have turned down an opportunity to tour with Korn...

"Dimmu Borgir are planning to record a video from the StormblÄst 2005 release toghether with Patrick Ullaeus and Revolver Film Company. Meanwhile, Shagrath (vocals) is busy working on his band CHROME DIVISION together with Lex Icon of COVENANT, Luna of ASHES TO ASHES, Eddie Guz of THE CARBURETORS and Ricky Black. They are currently working and recording material for their debut album. Their new website will be up and running shortly with more info on the band.

Silenoz (guitar) is working on his project INSIDIOUS DISEASE and demo vil be ready shortly. They have 12-13 songs ready and they will put up a strong demo just in case a record company should give dem an offer.

There will be no live performances for the rest of the year after Dimmu Borgir turned down the offer on going on tour with KORN in Scandinavia. Dimmu Borgir hope start working on the new album in October 2005."

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    September 23, 2005

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