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Randy Blythe court 2013 The Prague City Court trial began today with Lamb of God frontman arriving at the courthouse about 30 minutes early.

"And so it begins. I am calm and prepared," Randy wrote on his Instagram account. "Everyone, thanks for your good thoughts and prayers. Have a nice day, y'all!"

Speaking in court, Randy said: "I've kept my word. I said that I would come back to court today and I did. I do not shy away from responsibility. I'm not a person who runs away from problems. But I do not want to be punished for something I did not do."

Randy explained that fans are normally prohibited from jumping on stage, but the Prague show was different. People climbed up on stage and found themselves standing next to bandmembers.

"The fan's death breaks my heart," Randy said.

"I never saw Daniel and I never came in contact with him," he added in court."

The parents of the victim are asking for $530,000 USD for the loss of their son.

Blythe is accused of pushing the victim off the stage at a concert in which he died 30 days later.

Randy Blythe court

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    February 04, 2013

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