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What To Expect The Next Few Days In The Randy Blythe Ordeal

Randy Blythe Music fans all over the world have had their eyes and ears on the Czech Republic over the last few weeks waiting to see the outcome in the Randy Blythe situation. On Tuesday July 17, there was a closed door meeting where Blythe's attorney's offered to pay double the bail, a total of $400,000 USD to show that Blythe is willing to return if needed. The judges accepted the bail without conditions and it was granted.

As of now, the official court documents have not been processed even though the increased bail has been paid. If bail is accepted, Blythe will be free to go as early as Friday. If bail is denied, a judge can rule on it as early as Wednesday July 25.

The Prosecutor has denied bail before and wasn't willing to accept the increased bail on Tuesday but a lot of the public support in the Czech Republic against Randy has been dissipating due to evidence showing Blythe wasn't violent on stage. It is also interesting to note that much of the media coverage in the Czech Republic has stopped calling Blythe the "American Murderer" and is now calling him "The Accused". Their coverage of Randy's detainment is now closer to the middle. This will hopefully give Randy a fair shot at bail which is all his lawyers ever asked for.

Manslaughter charges from the prosecutor still haven't been filed. Everything in the courts for the last three weeks has just been about bail. We will keep you posted.

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    July 19, 2012

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