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Security Guard At Center Of Randy Blythe Ordeal Tells Victim To "Calm Down"

Randy Blythe Following the news today that Randy Blythe had his bail officially contested by the prosecutor in Prague, we felt it was time to take a deeper look at what happened on that now infamous night at the Abaton in 2010. Last week, we posted video footage that was pretty damning of the security guard as he was seen throwing Daniel Nosek, who later died and Randy is accused of killing, to the ground. After Daniel gets up, the security guard shouted something at him. Following the security guards words, Daniel head-bangs for a few seconds, then wanders to the back of the club.

The Gauntlet isolated the security guards voice in the audio and dropped the background noise levels (the band playing). We then gave the footage with cleaned up to two different publications in the Czech Republic as I don't know the language. Both stated it was difficult to hear and the beginning is cut off a little, but the guard shouts in Czech "do not go up there, calm down." (see video below 2:02)

This is interesting as all reports from Czech Republic have indicated that the Abaton is a stage diving friendly venue. But here was a security guard speaking Czech (so he can't be one of the bands crew as some have suggested) who is annoyed with Daniel as he keeps getting on stage. He tells Daniel that he needs to stay off the stage and not to go back up there. The security guards job is there to protect the band, the venue, and the fans. That is what he was trying to do in warning Daniel he was getting a bit out of control and to stay off the stage. Shouldn't personal actions account for part of the blame in this matter? I'm not saying he deserved to be thrown onto his head, but he was warned to stay away from the stage by a venue official. This along with the video of security pushing him off the stage followed by throwing him from the stage paints a clear picture that security on that night wasn't going to allow people on the stage. There is uninterrupted footage of the first 32 minutes of Lamb of God's set and the only person on stage during that time is Daniel.

Unfortunately for Daniel, the warning falls on deaf ears. Later that night, Daniel was admitted to a hospital and tragically died 29 days later from the injuries to his head.

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    July 10, 2012

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