UK music TV channel Scuzz TV has banned the new video for Deicide's ‘Homage For Satan' condemning it for being offensive and derogatory.

In a statement a Scuzz representative declared that "the lyrical content is religiously offensive, derogatory, and can be read as improper exploitation of any susceptibilities of the audience".

They further commented "With regards the imagery itself, the inclusion of a priest or religious figure in any belief system is always a very touchy subject, but the possession of one such person, and the disparaging respect for the Christian Bible is in direct conflict with Ofcom regulations".

The video, featuring blood-splattered zombies on a rampaging mission to capture a priest forcibly underlies Deicide's explicit stance against religion, yet is a representation of death metal at its best. The banning of the video coincides with the eagerly anticipated release of Deicide's highly acclaimed album ‘The Stench Of Redemption' and effectively removes the chance for extreme music to be represented to a mass audience.

The outright banning of the video marks a worrying trend, as the station declares that they ‘generally don't play death/black metal on Scuzz anymore' yet boldly label themselves as a ‘rock hard' channel.

To make your own mind up about the video you can check it out on You Tube at

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Date: Aug 21, 2006
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