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ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE Discusses New Album

Army Of The Universe At a recent ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE stop with KMFDM, Bob Suehs from Rock N Roll Experience sat down with the band to discuss the new album. "I come from the electronic scene, Lord & Davil both come from the rock scene...rock & metal big time," stated Albert. "The first album is more like experimentation & trying to mesh our tastes which was just fun to do something like that, we didn't even know we were doing the industrial thing, I mean I've always kinda been an industrial guy but I didn't expect to get on Metropolis or this whole sorta thing, so the next album will be a bit heavier but still each track has it's own history & story."

Lord K added "Some are more song oriented while others are more experimental but we don't have much control on this one, not planning, setting, doing, we do this & now we had to do that, it's always a natural thing."

Bob also asked about how Chris Vrenna will juggle both Marilyn Manson and Army of the Universe.

Albert replied "We consider Chris a part of the project & part of the band so when he can play live drums with us it's the best & we just started to work on the new album so yeah, it's a long term project."

Chris Vrenna added "plus you know how cycles work, the last Manson record came out in 2009 so the next Manson record will come out in 2012 so it's like there's a 2 or 3 year gap."

You can read the entire interview and show account at this location.

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    August 23, 2011

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