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Halls Tainted Red frontman making horror film

Halls Tainted Red (2010) LeGrand Haughton of Halls Tainted Red, a one man tech death metal band from Philadelphia, announced that he will be making a mini multi part horror film featuring all the music from the upcoming album "Mind of a Gentleman"; his first released project to be released in 2011. "I want to hit these fuckers in the mouth. Im starting to film now. I'm sick of bands just making countless EPs and not getting anywhere. I had to start off with an album or I couldn’t live being a metal musician. These videos/movie is going to really separate me from a lot of other artist. This is good for me but bad for them." When asked about the concept behind the videos he stated that he has a idea that he is focusing on and gave a hint: "The album is called 'Mind of a Gentleman', basically it is going to be a mind-fuck and creepy as hell. I have to get some decent stuff on Youtube and help my fan base grow."

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    December 22, 2010

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