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System of Freaks Tour Blog: Week One - Wichita

Mary Magdalan Right now I'm in Mary Magdalan's hotel room while they're laying down a jewel of a remix they just came up with that is going to be huge when it drops later this week. We're in Wichita, Kansas on a day off after the second and completely awesome show in the System of Freaks tour featuring Planet Nebula/Minnesota's Blue Felix ( and Hollywood's own Mary Magdalan ( with myself as hostess at the Lizard Lounge. We just got back from an adventure at a Whole Foods store, where Mary and I bought all sorts of organic and tasty delicacies, so good after living on bananas, pears, trail mix and cashews from truck stops all across the Midwest.

(Mary Magdalan and orange cauliflower)

Mary and I found orange cauliflower on our adventure today, something we'd both never seen before, and I discovered a "Brain Tonic", made with agave nectar, citrus and carbonated water, which is fueling this blog, along with raw organic cacao goji bites, raw granola bars, apple chips, New Zealand "Eternal" water (my favourite!) and raw cookies so I filled a brown paper Whole Food bag with all of the above to keep me going when I get rolling on the Blue Felix bus to Missouri tomorrow for the show in Springfield which I am supremely stoked about, can't wait to check out local act Shangrila.

(Pandie with Brain Toniq)

As a vegan and a primarily raw vegan at that it can be a little harder to find something to eat in general unless you visit a great vegan or raw speciality place such as the absolutely delicious Juliano's Raw, a restaurant in Santa Monica, California, let alone in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, but luckily a little creativity can go a long way.

(Organic raw goji cacao bites)

Grocery and health food stores are my salvation while travelling. I highly recommend googling for the nearest Whole Foods, Trader Joes or regular market of your choice and stocking up if you want to eat vegan, raw or even just a little healthier than the burger king and truckstop diet on the road. It's amazing what can be accomplished with even just an avocado, some grape tomatoes, spring mix, a knife, a bowl and some balsamic vinaigrette. Instant delicious and nutritious salad to compliment the fries and hotdogs you ate the last week.

(Thai tofu and broccoli)

Wichita was also pretty good, as there was a Thai place directly opposite the venue (Lizard Lounge) called Promise Thai Cuisine (?!) where I managed to grab a tofu and broccoli dish with some steamed rice which was actually pretty tasty and not too "junk food-y" and all the Blue Felix crew got to have their Pad Thais and curry, Thai and Indian food places are always good like that - feeding veggies, vegans and meat-hungry peeps alike.

But where we really lucked out was in the sweltering heat of the South, in none other than Amarillo, Texas, the night we played our first show, the venue, Club Khaos was right next to a market which sold favourites of mine like Kombucha, larabars, veggie sushi and had a slamming salad bar. And of course after being well-fed the Blue Felix boys, Mary Magdalan crew, Rikets and all the other awesome local bands killed it on our opening night. Thanks to Eric, the promoter, for taking such good care of us!

You can find out more about eating vegan and raw on the road at my site:

June 7th - Nathan P. Murphys (ALL AGES SHOW) (no Rikets) Springfield, MO
June 8th - The Marquee (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) Tulsa, OK
June 11 - Aftershocks (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) Kansas City, KS
June 12 - 1st Ave. Live (with Rikets) Cedar Rapids, IA
June 14 - Meet & Greet @ Rockin' Tattoos (no Rikets) Minneapolis, MN
June 14 - The Rock (ALL AGES SHOW) (no Rikets) Minneapolis, MN
June 16 - Reggies (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) Chicago, IL
June 17 - Meet & Greet @ Poison Girl Tattoo (with Rikets) Columbus, OH
June 18 - The Underground (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) Sandusky, OH
June 19 - Blondies (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) Detroit
June 23 - Webster Hall (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) New York City, NY
June 24 - Dingbatz (no Rikets) Clifton, NJ
June 26 - Wings (ALL AGES SHOW) (no Rikets) Chesapeake Bay, VA
June 29 - The Milestone (ALL AGES SHOW) (no Rikets) Charlotte, NC
July 2nd - Encore (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) Austin, TX
July 3rd - Prophet Bar (ALL AGES SHOW) (with Rikets) Dallas, TX
Jully 4th - BFE (ALL AGES 4TH OF JULY PARTY) (with Rikets) Houston, TX

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    June 07, 2010

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