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Iwrestledabearonce replaces three members

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE Iwrestledabearonce has officially announced the departure (and subsequent replacement) of guitarist John Ganey, bassist Brian Dozier, and drummer Ryan Pearson. The group has issued the following statement:

Being on tour and signing to a label and being poor and living in a van for all of eternity and blah blah isn't for everyone. You've probably noticed that most full-time touring bands go through member changes and, well, shit happens. We still love John/Brian/Ryan, but life goes on and iWaBo will continue until we all fall apart or die in an epic van/plane crash!

"That said, we have three new members that you might not recognize from the original line-up and the 'Tastes Like Kevin Bacon' video! After much searching, we feel that we have found the perfect touring/writing line-up and I don't think things will be changing again.

"First is Mikey on drums. Mikey is a sexual beast and enjoys long walks on the beach as well as spooning. Next is Mim on guitar. She is Krysta's sister and she shreds balls. period. The end. And finally, we have Dave on bass. He is a beast and makes love to the bass like it's an underage Malaysian prostitute.

"If you are for some reason worried about these changes, then you shouldn't be. Ask anyone who has seen us live lately or come to a show and hang out yourself! We wouldn't be picking new members who sucked ass. Well, not who sucked any more ass than the rest of us.

"Thanks for the support! We will be on tour until Halloween, so you should come hang out with us! After that, we will be locking ourselves away to write/record the new full-length!"

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    October 03, 2008

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