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ANOTHER DAY DAWNS Well, Lovelies, it's that time of the year when new music and new bands come out of the woodwork like ants swarming to dried grape soda on a picnic table; music is literally falling from the cloud to our music players worldwide!

Whew! It is difficult for me to keep up but, I will do my best; pinkie swear! I wanted to share with you a new-ish band that released their latest EP entitled, "Stranger" this past Friday (January 31, 2020). The band is the three piece out of Pennsylvania: ANOTHER DAY DAWNS.

Why I love this band, aside from their music, is that their latest release is a 5 song'er that will give fans a peek into what this group is capable of. I can tell you that after I spun it the first time, I was hooked.

So as my first "official" review of 2020, the one that is going over to the published column, with a check mark noting it's completion, I feel confident that I picked the right one for the first one of 2020. And without further gibber jabber, let's look at "Stranger", track by track, shall we?

BEAUTIFUL SUICIDE - killer opening that will rip you ready for the bounce & circumstance of the chorus! Big builds, big, chorus, big verse that will bend your ear back to rewinding it after it's over. Pay attention to the bridge to the ending. #sickAF

I AM - I love the fluidity in this track, another back breaking connection from the chorus to the bridge into a perfect guitar solo. There is a gait to the tempo that is hiding some heavy AF abilities within these guys. Seriously! And hold onto your hats during the last minute or so...OMG, that bass!

TASTE OF HEAVEN - the initial lead single, and one that appears in playlists all over streaming platforms. Bittersweet lyrics prick the part of the heart that remembers; at least partially. The melody has a sing-song pattern that had me humming along by the time the last chorus came around.

NEVER OK - is the big arena track, lighters - or cell phones making an individual illumination in my mind, as it plays. I love the grit that comes when the whole band breaks in, there's that hint of heavy again. I really want to see these guys live. This track is deeply personal and maybe that is where the heavy feel comes from. It's a stellar track.

FORGET ME NOT - this is the track that stuck to me like that sticky, spilled grape soda I stepped in when moving to another table. The other track I want to see go off in front of my face! A kaleidoscope mix of music and familiarity that ping pongs between my ears. The drums are what moves this track towards the oncoming vocal locomotive...sheesh! Love all of this one, Y'all! #bringit

And there you have it - ANOTHER DAY DAWNS cleans it up in just five tracks, right from the jump! This is a band that has no fillers, no time wasters, nothing abnormal injected into any part of this band just to boost up the outsides...they have it both inside and out!

ANOTHER DAY DAWNS writes music that is the light from the breaking sun, spilling into the darkness and it just so happens that this time it comes in five tracks.


A chance encounter in 2016 at a local music conference introduced the band to Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer/producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots). Quickly, the band began work on new material, one of which would become the band's debut single "Love She's After," mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound and released on Ivory's label Flexitone Records.

Recorded at the world famous Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, and produced by Joe Rickard (Red, Starset, Manafest, Joyous Wolf), the album’s release follows closely behind Another Day Dawns’ 2019 show lineup; including hometown performances in and around Northeastern Pennsylvania and alongside ISSUES during their BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION US TOUR.

ANOTHER DAY DAWNS is: drummer Nick McGeehan and guitarist Tyler Ritter with vocals by Dakota McGeehan.


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    February 04, 2020

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