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TOOL - 13 years in the Making - Official Announcement

Tool Roskilde festival 2006 Tonight Tool officially announced the details if its Brand new Studio Release - Fear Inoculum - to be made available for purchase on August 30, 2019. Pre Orders are of course available as well.

In a surprising reversal of policy, has decided to make its entire catalog available on streaming services. Perhaps the longest holdout on the the crusade to protect the value of music is letting it all out. Undoubtedly this signifies some watershed event coinciding with the surprise move. Its been 13 years since the last release and 13 is the 8th digit in the Fibonacci sequence. I suppose that is a bit of a stretch 13 being an integer that relates to no other pattern in release duration. Never the less maybe something is there. There is undoubtedly symbol in the Album art denoting the golden ration and who knows what else.

Kinda hard to believe this is really gonna happen. One of the worlds most amazing creators of beautiful music in history.

19 is the year!

Below is a track from the record:

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    July 30, 2019

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