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"CEREBRAL ROT" is disgustingly beautiful

CEREBRAL ROT Watch and Share you tube video for Swamped In Festering Excrementia:

20 Buck Spin is now streaming "Swamped In Festering Excrementia" by Seattle US death metal outfit, CEREBRAL ROT. The track has been issued as a precursor for the band's debut LP, Odious Descent Into Decay, set for August release. Preorders for the album have also been issued with the new single, as the band continues booking their impending US tour with labelmates Fetid.

Continuing to extract the deadliest beings from the dankest corners of the Northwest, 20 Buck Spin summons from the festering swamp-soaked murk the revolting mutation that is CEREBRAL ROT. Like sewage winding its way through tunnels below the street, the band's music reeks with the stench of vulgarity and noxious body fumes. The band shares members with other acts from across the region including, Fetid, Crurifragium, Cauterized, Caustic Wound, Excarnated Entity, and others. Fans of Fetid, Undergang, early-Carcass, and huffing embalming fluid, dig in.

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    July 04, 2019

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