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Aquatic electro meets Düsseldorf School as Finnish synth rockers help you get funked up!

Televisio Aquatic electro meets Düsseldorf School as Finnish synth rockers perform long-overdue exhumation of what should have been Electroclash 2.0!

A much-anticipated follow-up for the first season of Televisio’s self-titled first LP, here’s Televisio’s second album, TV2. As opposed to the passive-aggressive notions of “töllötin” or “telkkari,” the eight fluid and fully electronic tracks here deliver fresh ideas on the art of observing the old-school cathode-ray tube in extreme close-up. Join Jussi Lehtisalo (Sub Pop, Southern Lord, Sähkö Recordings, Ektro) and Ilari Larjosto (Keys of Life, Sex Tags UFO, Honest Jon’s, Untz Untz) on a smaller-than-life excursion of dark throbs in our high-definition tele-presence.

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    July 04, 2019

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