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THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT is comprised of Fredrik and Mattias Norrman, (guitars and bass, respectively), who spent fifteen years in Katatonia, and are now also active in October Tide, as well as guitarist/vocalist Alexander Backlund and drummer Jonas Sk├Âld, who both also currently hold rank in Letters From The Colony. Pale Season was recorded at Valley Sound Studio/Nailvillage, mixed by guitarist Alexander Backlund at Nailvillage, mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, and completed with cover art by Denis Forkas and design by Kadriel Betsen.

With their stream of the album, Consequence Of Sound writes of Pale Season, "Fredrick Norrman has something like a doctorate degree in the subject of emotional, gothic heavy metal. While he himself never sings, his guitar compositions have a particular and indelible signature style: The Cure filtered through slow, down-tuned death metal. It's an odd mix, but one he and his brother Mattias have piloted to success in several bands, including October Tide, the dearly missed Trees of Eternity, and most famously Katatonia... Now, Mattias and Fredrick continue their career-long examination of melancholic heavy rock with THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT... guitarist and vocalist Alexander Backlund proves himself every bit the vocal equal to the suite of spectacular men and women who have sung with the Norrman brothers. That said, the penultimate song, 'Signals In The Sky,' features a guest spot by Heike Langhans of Draconian and is a particular highlight of this elegiac journey."

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    July 02, 2019

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