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Nattfog will knock the s..t out of you with their newest jam "Pohjan Porteilta"

Nattfog A lurking-yet-potent essence in the ever-fertile Finnish black metal underground, NATTFOG have been a study in "quality over quantity" since their formation in the dark days of 2007. After a demo and a split LP, NATTFOG boldly proclaimed their arrival with the debut album Mustan auringon riitti. Righteously raw yet majestically melodic, Mustan auringon riitti was quintessential Finnish black metal to the letter, but uniquely maintained a rowdy 'n' rousing folkloric element which suggested further mastery to come.

After the all-too-short Yön varjoista... EP in 2018 through PURITY THROUGH FIRE, that "further mastery" has finally come to fruition with a special new recording from NATTFOG: Pohjan Porteilta. Featuring three brand-new songs and two rerecorded songs from the prior split LP (the CD version will include the two songs from the Yön varjoista... vinyl), as expected, the band elaborate upon that folk element which so earmarked their debut album; however, hanging upon stout and ancient melodies, be assured that that folkishness is never mawkish and nothing but manly, poignantly (and proudly) conveying the austerity and traditionalism of old Finnish life. Likewise, the fire so stoked Mustan auringon riitti here burns with more clarity, not losing any of NATTFOG's original grit and, if anything, adding a certain muscularity to their solemn (and sometimes stomping) surge. It all comes together to create an endlessly satisfying and fully focused collection which ably balances past, present, and future.

The breath of night fills the lungs of NATTFOG, and hereby do they hunt with Pohjan Porteilta!

LP tracklisting
Side A:
1. Night Of The Ancient Rites (new song)
2. Tietäjä (new song)
3. Pohjan Porteilta (new song)

Side B:
4. Yöni Usvassa (rerecorded song)
5. Ancestral Echoes (rerecorded song)

CD tracklisting
1. Night Of The Ancient Rites (new song)
2. Tietäjä (new song)
3. Pohjan Porteilta (new wong)
4. Yöni Usvassa (rerecorded song)
5. Ancestral Echoes (rerecorded song)
6. Yön varjoista...(from Yön varjoista... EP)
7. Ikiroudan laaksossa (from Yön varjoista... EP)

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    April 18, 2019

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