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Deathwomb Moonless Night Sacraments LP/CD Drops April 19, 2019

Deathwomb Deathwomb
Moonless Night Sacraments LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Release: 19 April 2019

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present DEATHWOMB's striking debut album, Moonless Night Sacraments, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Hailing from Spain, DEATHWOMB are ancient black metal personified. Theirs is a sound at odds with the modern world, brewed in the cauldron of simpler, more idealistic, and most definitely more underground times. With but a four-song demo from 2017 as their previous recording, this power-trio proves their Satanic worth with their first full-length, Moonless Night Sacraments.

Ever aptly titled, Moonless Night Sacraments conjures the lycanthropic spirit of '90s black metal's crudest proponents, lurking largely in Finland, North America, and Brazil. Doubtlessly physical in their profane ruminations, it'd be a gross misnomer to label DEATHWOMB as "bestial," at least in the more post-millennial definition. Rather, the swarming, oft-swampy surge they employ across Moonless Night Sacraments - suffused with mystical synth, most crucially - bears aesthetic kinship with '90s Demoncy, Havohej, and Black Funeral, early Mystifier, and of course, Beherit's landmark Drawing Down the Moon. Naturally, DEATHWOMB strive to add to this (un)hallowed canon rather than merely replicate it, so authentic is their (unholy) passion.

As modern life justifiably grinds to a halt, time stands still as DEATHWOMB offer you Moonless Night Sacraments...partake at your own peril.

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    April 02, 2019

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