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Danish Symphonic Black Metal Duo SINNRS Debut Album “Profound” Out April 26th

SINNRS Rockshots Records / Extreme Metal Music is proud to announce their latest signing of symphonic black metallers SINNRS. Formed in Denmark in 2017 by Nero (vocals/Strings/keys) and Maestus (drums), the duo will be unleashing their debut album “Profound” on April 26, 2019. Just over a year later after recording the album during January 2018 at Hertz Studio in Poland (where bands like Behemoth, Vader and Decapitated have produced material out of), the duo are ready to present their 10 tracks of their self-described pure dark matter for the world to hear.

Fully conceived and performed by Nero and Maestus, “Profound” merges the furious brutality of extreme metal with the elegance of classical and opera, giving listeners a dimensional musical experience of their self-described pure dark matter. The juxtaposition of punishing guitar riffs and relentless blastbeats with symphonic arrangements and soaring vocals is fascinating in the way it highlights the inherent differences and similarities these genres have. While classical fans might balk at the savagery of SINNRS’ sound, metal enthusiasts will enjoy getting swept up in the epicness the classical elements bring to the table. Whichever side you might fall on, “Profound” is an honest manifest that makes a wonderful spectacle out of a rather unlikely pairing.

Nero comments:

“The approach to “Profound”, for me, was to find a purpose for making music on a whole new scale. I wanted to explore and to create something new yet still with a massive sound for us. Since my greatest inspiration lies within the movie composing universe, I wanted to use that element in our music. That drama and suspense, “Profound” would be the first stone we would cast. And hopefully, creates rings that will reach out to the outer shores. We also wanted to let the album breathe, not over think every single riff plus we wanted to make the orchestral passages a very important part of the album. And this will also be in the future releases to come. We put a lot of hours to fit the guitar riffs for the strings and also put a lot of time into the drums, so they were not too technical and versatile all the time.”

Maestus adds:

“We have played very technically in other bands. Both of us is known on the local scene. But we dragged ourselves back into the shadows and created this first of many opuses under a new name. We wanted to be free of all the other things and keep the focus on SINNRS. We believe that with this band we have achieved musical enlightenment for ourselves. The next step is to promote and promote, play all the live shows we can. To show people that this is a serious outfit, who will never stop creating dark tunes in favor of the celestial plane. And the next opus will bear witness to that.”

SINNRS are currently streaming their two singles “It Calls Me” and “The Storm of I” via their Bandcamp (links listed below).

Album pre-order is available at:

Track Listing:
1. Nihil (1:32)
2. To Derive Eden’s Flame (4:29)
3. The Storm of I (6:54)
4. Lift My Bones (6:52)
5. Renowned Praetorians (1:51)
6. No Promise To Mankind (5:06)
7. It Calls Me (5:32)
8. Et Sic Incipit (4:39)
9. Watch Her Soul Burn (3:09)
10. Commemorate None (6:57)
Album Length: 47:05

Line Up:
Nero – Vox / Strings / Keys
Maestus – Drums

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    April 02, 2019

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